Black X White Aseela "أصيلة"
Black X White Aseela "أصيلة"

Black X White Aseela "أصيلة"

Crafted in Egypt, The Aseela Bag is small and light with a circular handle making them simple, chic, versatile and ready to wear for different occasions. 
Fabric : Genuine Leather
Finishing : Embossed
Pattern: Croc Print
Thickness: 1.1-1.4 mm
Closure Type: Magnetic Closure
Handle: Circular Top Handle
Exterior: Solid
Type: Top Handle
Optional: Detachable Gold Chain Strap 
Gold Chain Handle: 120 cm
Total Height with Circular Handle: 27 cm
Height: 15 cm
Width: 23 cm
Depth: 9 cm

The Story - Aseela “أصيلة" 
Genuine, Unique, and Reliable

This time ALIEL takes us on a journey into the path of self discovery urging us to ask what does it mean to be authentic in our modern fast-paced world?
"Aseela" meaning authentic in Arabic symbolizes originality, truth and the beauty from within, reminding us once again that less is more. Aseela is inspired by horses and their ability to teach us the most genuine lessons about humanity. These unique creatures represent strength, pride and beauty and they teach us about truthfulness cause they know no other way of being, they takes us on a ride to our authentic presence that already lies within all of us, to own it and show up more fully and truthfully in life.
This collection's design is a departure from Ghalia's geometrical shaped bags into a more rounded handles to remind us of a familiar face and the story behind it, reflecting the harmony and balance personified in this collection. Revealing to us how to shine with brilliance, emphasizing on the virtue of collaboration over dominance.
The campaign depicts the many faces of Aseela, proving that authenticity knows no conformity, with a horse set against a white canvas framing the bag in a picturesque mood that encourages us to look within using a horse as a mirror into a presence so graceful peeling off layers to uncover our true selves and shine with brilliance. Aseela gives us a taste of a life so wild and free taking us across eras where distances were travelled within and without in a less burdened style.